Myrath is a progressive/Middle East folk metal band from Tunisia officially formed in 2006. Starting as a cover band (mostly Symphony X songs), they made their first step playing as support to Robert Plant and Adagio. Adagio’s keyboard player Kevin Codfert, obviously impressed, became their manager and helped Myrath record their first album ‘Hope’ (2007). Since then, they seem to have made an impact, as they have played in many European music festivals, and made world tours accompanying big names such as Dream Theater.

Legacy’, which is the English translation of the band’s name, is their fourth full-length album. It includes 12 tracks, each of which is quite inspirational. The first important thing in order to really like this album, apart from the very good production, is to be a fan of the Arabic sound. Myrath perform perfectly in the progressive metal style combining Arabic sounds and rhythms. The vocals of Zaher Zorgati  render a sound ‘progressively’ exciting and mystic. The context is quite optimistic with drops of inner quests, like in the song ‘Get Your Freedom Back’, and ‘I Want To Die’.

In the middle of the album ‘The Needle’ opens with heavy riffs, proving the original metal sound of Myrath, to be followed next by ‘Through Your Eyes’ which can be said to give off a scent of Arabic nights. What is also achieved in ‘Legacy’ is that it gives you the urge to follow the lyrics and sing along. This is due to the fact that the tracks are as long as they should be to satisfy the listener. Based on this fact, they avoid being boring, plus they succeed in combining the Arabic sound with progressive metal in an average of 4-minute tracks.

Many, as well as members of the band themselves, claim that Myrath not only brings forth the ‘Tunisian metal’, but also represents the middle-eastern sound in the best way possible. ‘Legacy’ seems to be the take-off of Myrath, and this is not unjustified.

Mary Kalaitzidou