Celebrating 20 years since the release of ‘Irreligious‘, Moonspell decided to give a show for Lisbon’s fans and recorded it on DVD, making it the second for the band after ‘Lusitanian Metal‘ (2008). The show under the title “Irreligious XX Years” will take place at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon on 4 February. The band will be performing three albums, ‘Irreligious‘, ‘Wolfheart‘ and ‘Extinct‘, in a total three-hour show, while the live recording DVD is called “Under The Full Moon Madness”.

In the meantime, vocalist Fernando Ribeiro talked to the Czech Spark TV and announced that the band is planning to release a new concept EP in Portuguese, which will refer to a big and catastrophic earthquake which took place in Lisbon in the 18th century. Ribeiro mentions that he doesn’t worry about the non-Portuguese fans, as many bands sing in their native language like the Icelanders Sólstafir. The new EP is expected within 2017.

Mary Kalaitzidou