1. Gang Of Four – ‘Lucky

The legendary post punk band from Leeds/England, Gang Of Four though the ‘new’ line up with only remaining member the guitarist Andy Gill, are still active and as always current. They are about to release a new 4-track EP on April 20th. Before the release of the upcoming new album which is expected to be ready within this summer. Gang Of four are well known as a band with political and social concerns in their lyrics; This time they want to ‘throw a punch’ on Trump and that’s why even in the album cover features the Trump’s barbie-puppet Ivanka.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Hanging Garden – ‘November Dawn

Hanging Garden from Finland has already released their fifth album ‘I Am Become‘ via Lifeforce Records (October 2017). Their sound is a combination of melodic doom/death metal, but the band prefers to leave its labeling open, as it gets inspiration from music and art in general.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. The Ex – ‘Soon All Cities’

Dutch, anarcho-punk band, The Ex, have been keeping ‘the flame’ alive for almost 40 years now; Since their magnificent debut album ‘Disturbing Domestic Peace‘ (1980), graphically describing the then social dystopia, until their latest awesome edgy slow-burner punk anthem ‘Soon All Cities‘ from recently released ‘27 Passports‘ on their own imprint Ex Records. 40 years were too short for this Dutch comet to slow down, and if you pay some attention to the lyrics, then you’ll probably get round to their ‘territory’. The Ex are back. Perfect momentum!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Florence + The Machine – ‘Sky Full Of Song

Our beloved indie pop/baroque pop Florence + The Machine shared the official video for the lead single ‘Sky Full Of Song‘ of their upcoming new album ‘High As Hope‘. The latter is expected to be released this summer  (probably on June 29th).  The Sunday Times have described Florence Welch as “The most peculiar and most highly acclaimed female singer of the moment” and “The latest in a line of great English pop eccentrics”.

The new track is in baroque pop and chamber pop style with the great soulful Welch’s vocals. Enjoy!

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Gang Gang Dance – ‘Lotus

Now this is a comeback to talk about! American experimental Manhattan (NY) based Gang Gang Dance, the outfit behind the excellent ‘Saint Dymphna‘ (2008), is back after almost 7 years since their latest ‘Eye Contact‘, and ‘Lotus‘ is an awesome appetizer for their forthcoming full-length ‘Kazuashita‘ on 4AD (on June 22nd). Unique ‘electrocution’!.

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Eleftheria Gesou, Mary Kalaitzidou & Christos Doukakis