1. Khruangbin – ‘Evan Finds The Third Room

A beautiful band from Houston, Texas, Khruangbin (stands for ‘engine fly’), that “We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don’t need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed” (Josh King, one of the director trio), resulting in one of the most feel-good music videos in years. You can find ‘Evan Finds The Third Room‘ from their latest album ‘Con Todo El Mundo‘.

Christos Doukakis

  1. Sangre De Muerdago – ‘A Danza das Ánimas

This song is a music fairy-tale. It’s been sang not from an elf, but from a band called Sangre De Muerdago.  S.D.M. music is for dreamers, for those who have “eyes in their heart”, for those who live in this planet but in their own way. Their upcoming album ‘Noite‘  maybe is their best work to date. It will be released on April 20th.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss

  1. Varathron – ‘Into The Absurd’

Varathron, one of the most significant black metal acts in Greece which along with Rotting Christ and Necromantia form the “Unholy Trinity” of Greek black metal, have a long history since 1988. Although, Stefan Necroabyssious is the only remaining original member, the band has managed to grow its reputation. On April  27th Varathron release their sixth album ‘Patriarchs Of Evil‘ via Agonia Records.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. PRODUCT – ‘Holographic Rebirth

Off of the newly released 10-track album ‘Smoke Cloud Hologram‘, Connecticut-based rapper, PRODUCT’s ‘Holographic Rebirth‘ is just over two minutes of throbbing beats and crashing vocals. ‘Rebirth’ melds together the industrial, rap, and electronic worlds in a way that’s reminiscent of Moor Mother or Dedekind Cut. Featuring a stomping outro that brings to mind a robotic giant’s footsteps, the track is one of the standouts of the LP.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Jo Passed – ‘Millennial Trash Blues

The indie rock band Jo Passed from Vancouver shared a new video for ‘Millenial Trash Blues‘ of their upcoming debut album ‘Their Prime‘. The album is out on 25th May via one of our favorites record labels Sup Pop. Their music doesn’t lack of experimentation featuring some cool genre-mixing like punk, neo-psychedelia and noise. The cult video that is directed by Justin Gradin is the perfect visualization of their new track. Enjoy!

Eleftheria Gesou

Compiled by Christos Doukakis, Konstantinos Pamfiliss, Mary Kalaitzidou, Sarah Medeiros & Eleftheria Gesou