1. Kadebostany – ‘Save Me

A brilliant new single ‘Save Me’ comes from the latest album of Kadebostany, Monumental‘.

Melancholic downtempo pop perfection with an incredible, atmospheric refrain, almost heavenly at  2.18:  

If you wanna stay growing up with me

If you wanna go I’m the one you need                                                                      

If you wanna stay growing up with me

If you wanna go I’m the one you need

Without doubt, one of the most beautiful songs of this year so far…

Theodoros Rentesis

  1. XoARK – ‘Planetfile

Last Day Deaf is 100% independent & uncompromising. This is not only a statement; this is the site’s basic value. So, expect the unexpected from us! While other sites, still (only) search for the new “hit” (no matter the genre), here at Last Day Deaf, we still search for real music, real vibes, real emotions (after all), visiting DIY spaces, (and not only ‘arena-venues’ for undertaking free-ticket live reviews!-sic!)… But enough of this. You got my point! The same applies for (most of) our readers hopefully. Serving the underground, respecting the ‘”overground”.

XoARK is a genius electronic producer from U.S.A., who mixes breakbeat, trance, goa trance, techno, drum & bass, jungle, and ‘Planetfile‘ is a perfect example of the recently released, ‘free-to-download’ ‘Impossibility State‘. Yep!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Iceage – ‘Take It All’

For this week’s mixtape we have a great new track of the punk rock/post punk band from Copenhagen Iceage. The new track is ‘Take It All‘ and it is taken from the upcoming full length album ‘Beyondless‘ officially released on May 4th via Matador. ‘Take It All‘ sets off in indie mood to reach chamber pop “summit” with some great instrumentation.  The lyrics are full of altruism and self-sacrifice “if you want it/ You can have it/ If you want to reap me/ take it all away/ from me“.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. The Sound Explosion – ‘Bring Back Your Love

Bring Back Your Love‘ is The Sound Explosion‘s new track from the upcoming album ‘The Explosive Sounds Of… The Sound Explosion‘ being released in April by Lost In Tyme.

Twenty four years after their last album The Sound Explosion’s latest song release brings along the garage revival by absolutely inspirational farfisa tunes. For sure, it’s been worth the wait!

Vasiliki Nousa

  1. Spiral Skies – ‘Danse Macabre

The debut album of Spiral Skies will be released on May 18th via AOP Records. The band comes from Sweden and combines 70’s rock with doom metal, receiving that way the description “On other planet kinda Rock”.

Mary Kalaitzidou

Compiled by Theodoros Rentesis, Christos Doukakis, Eleftheria Gesou, Vasiliki Nousa & Mary Kalaitzidou