1. Bastille – ‘Good Grief

Good Grief’ a new song by Bastille was released on 17th June. It’s mainstream pop song, cool and easy-listening, for relaxing summer days.

Theodoros Rentesis

  1. Portishead – ‘SOS’

Portishead return with an astonishing cover of ‘SOS‘ by ABBA. One of the best trip-hop bands revives one of the most successful pop groups in the history of popular music. The video pays homage to Labour MP Jo Cox, tragically assassinated on Thursday June 16th.

Vasiliki Koulouri

  1. Cities Last Broadcast – ‘Glossolalia’

This Cities Last Broadcast track ‘Glossolalia’ is the epitome of dark ambient; deep roaring tones that feel like the rumblings of hell itself. Muted voices seem to be screaming as some dark magician successfully opens a portal, horrifying those unlucky enough to witness this séance first-hand. Guaranteed to inflict terror.

Michael Barnett

  1. Sigur Rós – ‘Óveður’

The faithful readers should already know the backgrounds of ‘Óveður’: the premier at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival and recently its abstract and fragmented and ever-evolving form used with the help of special software as the soundtrack for the 24-hour YouTube live streaming of a virtual trip around Iceland, a celebration of the Summer Solstice.

Right below is the beautifully harrowing and disturbing video directed by former Bathory drummer and Swedish movie-maker Jonas Åkerlund, shot in the small village of Grindavik.

The song retains the quintessential tense and emotional trademark of the trio highlighted by Jonsi’s angelic voice, but a new and predominant use of the electronic instruments like the drum machine loads the sound with a strong and sinister industrial flavour.

Sigur Rós are one of those bands that don’t call for half-measures: you either adore them or you hate them.

Maybe this time even their worst detractors may have to admit with a tight-lipped smile ‘not bad!’.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Archive – ‘Driving In Nails’

Archive are back surprising us with a sneak peek into their 10th album and the song ‘Driving In Nails‘ premiering with an official video released 4 days ago.

Driving In Nails‘ is an escalating song; it needs to be given time. The rather electro beginning ends up in the Archive sound we all love. And it is dynamic; it makes you wait for the rest of the album that will come out in October by Dangervisit label.

The video was produced in collaboration with the Spanish NYSU video collective and it’s their second collaboration after the soundtrack of the film ‘Axiom’. Enjoy in repeat.

Malina Tzachristou

Compiled by Theodoros Rentesis, Vasiliki Koulouri, Michael Barnett, Fabrizio Lusso & Malina Tzachristou