1. Melankolia  ‘Wellspring Labyrinth (Left Hand ’til Mourning)

Melankolia, the ambient/neo-classical project of Mike O’Brien, is back with their fourth album. Releasing in mid-December, Hypnotic Dirge Records has unveiled a track for us to enjoy in the meantime. ‘Wellspring Labyrinth (Left Hand ‘Til Mourning)‘ takes listeners on a contemplative journey into the mind, a journey which is rife with adventure, discovery and sorrow.

The music immediately proves to be deeply meditative and thought provoking. There are rich layers of sound upon which the piano weaves in its beautiful textures. There are elements reminiscent of the blossoming dungeon synth genre, but the over-all mechanics of the track lean more toward the neo-classical. This is a perfect start to the colder months of the year, a goodbye to sunny days and a welcoming of the isolation and darkness soon to arrive.

Michael Barnett

  1. Hamferð – ‘Hon syndrast

If you are looking for metal from “strange” places then Hamferd (Hamferð) is one of the right ones. Coming from the Faroe Islands, the doom/death metal Hamferð have already made an impact since the year of their formation, 2008. On January 12th they are releasing their second album ‘Tamsins Likam‘. Dealing lyrically with old dark tales, this album is the narration of a man about his wife who follows a mysterious figure in paths of horror and mystery. The album will be released by Metal Blade Records.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Spinning Coin  – ‘Money For Breakfast

New video from the Glasgow-based, indie rock band Spinning Coin. The latest video is for the track ‘Money For Breakfast’ and is taken from the debut album with the title ‘Permo‘ that was officially released via The Pastels‘, Domino Imprint, Geographic few days ago on November 10th. The fourteen song album is a pure indie rock gem and is now available for all the genre’s fans. Enjoy!

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Tribulation – ‘The Lament

The news about the new album of Tribulation came as a relief for their fans. After three years since ‘Children Of The Night‘, one of the most anticipated albums of early 2018, ‘Down Below‘, is going to be released on January 26th via Century Media. The first track from this album called ‘The Lament‘ reveals a fresh yet known sound from Tribulation.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Arcadian Child – ‘Rabbit Hole’

How deep can you go? 
Can you trick your mind? 
Are you deep in the zone? 
Can you deceive your soul? 

Would you walk bare footed at the edge of the unknown? 
Would you drown your heroes? 
Would you trade your cravings for a glimmer of hope? 
Would you go? 

Way down, way down, way down 
In the rabbit hole 
Way down, way down, way down, 
In the rabbit hole

Yes, this is the tune I’ve been listening to mostly for the last 3-4 days. Hailing from Limassol, Arcadian Child have created a real gem. ‘Rabbit Hole‘ (from their debut ‘Afterglow‘) spoke directly to me, and it’s a track for a person (knows it). It’s a unique song, with an addictive refrain, to be played on repeat. Thank you!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Mary Kalaitzidou, Eleftheria Gesou & Christos Doukakis