1. Spirit Valley  ‘Dileria Hysteria

Spirit Valley is the duo of Dave Tomlinson and Chris Stabback from Sydney. Their music is hard to be defined in just a few words due to many influences and of course their innovative sound. As they declare their music is a new genre of a dark and dance style named “Doomshine Boogie”.

Their influences range from rave till the hazy heavy guitars of contemporary psychedelia.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Starblind – ‘Killing A Day

Yesterday was pure magic! Greek indie darlings Starblind return with their first track in years (thanx to Make me Happy), ‘Killing A Day‘.  The track is taken from the compilation album ‘A Sparkle From The Past‘. The revival of 90’s indie, -fingers crossed-, has begun! Just press the play button. Awesome stuff!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Bleeding Gods  – ‘From Feast To Beast

Bleeding Gods hail from The Netherlands and they play darkened death metal with black and thrash influences. The guitarist Ramon Ploeg formed the band in 2012 and managed to make a name for themselves in their homeland. With influences such as Septic Flesh, Behemoth and Fleshgod Apocalypse among others, they are slowly building their reputation abroad. Their second album ‘Dodekathlon‘ will be released in January 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. The Galaxy Electric – ‘Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday

“In this video, we explore what remains of the past’s vision of the future at the site of the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, New York, through the lens of space travelers who have only just returned to Earth expecting to find flying cars and all the innovations the Fair promised for the 21st Century. The director, Jen Meller, filmed on Super 8 with a single roll using only in-camera effects and no edits. This is what The Galaxy Electric stated about ‘Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday‘. This is some weird experimental, space-pop shit (sic!) that the duo has conjured.

Brilliantly shot on Super 8, welcome to the obscure side of music.. Let’s welcome The Galaxy Electric!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Aetherian – ‘Dark Earth’

Aetherian is a Greek (Athens-based) melodic death metal band, which formed in 2013. Drawing influences from great acts of the genre, they manage to create their own dark atmosphere. Their debut album called ‘The Untamed Wilderness‘ will be released on November 24th via Lifeforce Records.

Mary Kalaitzidou

Compiled by Eleftheria Gesou, Christos Doukakis & Mary Kalaitzidou