1. La Tredicesima Luna  ‘Fuochi Sotto Le Stelle/ Tra Due Mondi

La Tredicesima Luna (The 13th Moon) is the new dark ambient project by Matteo Brusa, best known for his dungeon synth project Medhelan. His debut album, ‘Il Sentiero Degli Dei‘, takes listeners deep into the wooded regions of Northern Italy. Here we are confronted by the spirit world which comes to light in the midnight hours, absorbing the energies of the moonlight.

This opening track, which is the first half of the two-track release, uses slowly evolving drones, blended with synth-work that harkens back to the ‘Filosofem‘-era ambient output of Burzum. Yet, Brusa steps this ode up a notch by incorporating plenty of field recordings to keep the listener’s attention focused squarely upon the track, to be spiritually manipulated by this magical piece.

Michael Barnett

  1. Escape-Ism – ‘Iron Curtain

Fresh from Merge Records, Escape-Ism  aka Ian F. Svenonius has just released the track ’Iron Curtain’ from the debut solo album ‘Introduction To Escape-Ism‘ officially available on November 10th.  The post punk veteran is still present since 1988; more post punk and alternative than ever but in evolution and “surrendering” to electronic.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Dr. Living Dead! – ‘Terror Vision

Dr. Living Dead! from Sweden were formed in 2007 as a “sidekick” to Suicidal Tendencies and inspired by the Big 4 of the American thrash metal. Appearing with skull masks and bandanas and playing 80s thrash, they create a vintage yet successful image of that era. Their fourth album ‘Cosmic Conqueror‘ is released on October 27th via Century Media.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Chastity – ‘Flesh

The single ‘Flesh’ (of the EP ‘Chains‘) from the punk/alternative act Chasity will be official available on October 13th on digital, cassette and some months later, in January and on vinyl. ‘Chains‘ EP may be brief but well crafted and always with punkish and pissed attitude.

As it is explained by Williams :  “When I’m drawn to write I’m either sad or I am pissed. The world has changed since writing my last release, and both the sad and pissed feelings have since increased”.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Message In A Cloud – ‘You Used To Die In My Hands’

Message In A Cloud is the brainchild of Nikos Loukopoulos (the man who was part of the band nibiru, our very first Last Day Deaf interview!). ‘You Used To Die In My Hands‘ is the first offering from ‘Anassa‘ launching early 2018, and is an epic, fabulous slow-burner that borrows its majesty from the greatest bands of post-rock, such as Mogwai & Explosions In The Sky. Well done!

Christos Doukakis


Compiled by Michael Barnett, Eleftheria Gesou, Mary Kalaitzidou & Christos Doukakis