1. Haemorrhage  ‘We Are The Gore’

The Spanish grindcore band Haemorrhage are releasing on October 6th their new album ‘We Are The Gore‘ via Relapse Records on CD/LP/Digital. Active since 1990, Haemorrhage have a rich discography. ‘We Are The Gore‘ marks their 7th album which arrives six years after their last release ‘Hospital Carnage‘ (2011, Relapse Records).

Mary Kalaitzidou

         2. Xxxtentacion – ‘Look At Me!

Sometimes art should be provocative, and why not dangerous! ‘Look At Me!‘ is a pure masterpiece, by 19 y.o. prodigy Xxxtentacion. In just over 2 minutes (audio length) he is serving two songs in one… And the visuals are sick, like the society sinking into fascism, oppression, and daft killings,-if not murders-. Probably, the American rapper from Florida, born Jahseh D. Onfroy, is not the best kid in the world; But, he is wicked, true and a middle finger to this sick system sucking us dry from everything. Male “equivalent” of Moor Mother? This one is not for the easily offended. This is the future. Or, better we hope he makes to be the future…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Erang – ‘All Kings Must Die’

Erang has been a driving force in the continued and ever increasing popularity of the dungeon synth movement over the past few years. Erang stands out from the vast crowd of DIY dungeon synth artists by building an entire kingdom in which his albums are set. With maps, histories and colorful characters Erang is to the dungeon synth genre much like Atrium Carceri is to dark ambient. Setting your dungeon synth album in the lands of Tolkien‘s lore is a quite simple task, but its quite another thing to invent the realms from the ground up.

On ‘All Kings Must Die‘ we hear sounds that are similar stylistically to many of the other artists in the genre. But Erang, on this track as well as the entirety of the album, adds his unique setting and storylines to the music, making it go far beyond just a fleeting album. Instead it is one more piece in the puzzle that continues to unfold with each passing release.

His latest offering, ‘The First Age‘, focuses on a young librarian in New Orleans during the early 1980s. As the librarian uncovers more and more of the lore of this long lost, magical world, his sanity begins to unravel as the story unfolds.

Michael Barnett

  1. The Horrors – ‘Weighed Down

It is a risk. But life isn’t much fun without risk. It’s the antithesis of being creative if you know what you’re going to be doing every time.” This is what The Horrors‘ lead singer Faris Badwan stated in a recent press release about the upcoming, 5th album ‘V‘, out on September 22nd. Judging from ‘Weighed Down‘, ‘The Machine‘ &  ‘Something To Remember Me By‘, he seems to be absolutely right. Press the paly button, and feel free to welcome the new The Horrors… Magnificent!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Moonspell – ‘Todos Os Santos

The wolves from Portugal, Moonspell, have decided their new album to be in the Portuguese language and narrate about the great earthquake which took place in Lisboa during the 18th century. Their new album ‘1755 – the year the earthquake shook Lisboa – will be released on November 3rd via Napalm Records. The first official lyric video is called ‘Todos Os Santos‘ (“All Saints”) and it includes an English lyrics’ translation.

Mary Kalaitzidou

Compiled by Mary Kalaitzidou, Christos Doukakis & Michael Barnett