1. Seasurfer– ‘Too Late For Goodbyes

The noise pop/dream punk band Seasurfer from Hamburg, Germany has shared a great video for the exquisite song ‘Too Late For Goodbyes’. Taken from their latest album ‘Under The Milkyway… Who Cares‘ (Saint Marie Records, 2017). The hazy and punkish guitars carry you straight away in a different sonic dimension. While alongside the ethereal vocals are trapping you in a dreamy music bubble, which make you never want to get out of there by any means. Seasurfer formed in 2013 by the guitarist Dirk Night of the band Dark Orange. Dirk Night gathered relative musicians with the dark punk and the dream pop/shoegaze and noise music aesthetics to create this music project. Their line up continues being enriched.  Since 2014 they have released three full length albums via Saint Marie Records.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Post Tropic – ‘Technicolour

What a great new entry into the cold wave universe! Californians Post Tropic have only released one EP (Jan 2017) and one single so far (‘Technicolor‘), blending their music with post-punk, on solid arrangements and compact sound. ‘Technicolor‘ came out in May 21, already highly located in my summertime’s playlist, and that’s why I put it in this week’s mixtape, and you know…Loud!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Bleach For The Stars – ‘Husk Marant

Bleach For The Stars is the third musical project to join Cromlech Records, run by Arne Weinberg (Valanx, Solemn Embrace). On this first available track from the upcoming album, ‘The Time For Silver Flowers‘, we hear a nice variety of the sounds which are to be expected throughout the album. The track undulates between harsher, cacophonous sections, driving us to the edge of our seats, then lulls us into a trance with its more tranquil segments. One of only four tracks on the upcoming full length, ‘Husk Marant‘ clocks in at 15 minutes. All the while serving up a magnificent blend of dark ambient, drone and industrial. All amalgamating into a glorious, if slightly noxious, concoction.

Michael Barnett

  1. Emi Path– ‘Falling

Now this one is a real surprise. An angelic voice perfectly matched with a piano vibrating powerful emotions, via some real touchy lyrics. ‘Falling‘ is the opening track from the debut full-length ‘The Shadow‘, by Greek artist Aimilia Papatheochari aka Emi Path. Hints of post-rock, chamber pop and above all signs of great musicianship by this rising star. Simply astonishing!

I got lost in a dream
I forgot you and me
I got lost in a dream
I forgot everything

Grey fog all around
Mind storm blow the day
Dark clouds loom in my room
Long day’s trip in the night

Dreams and lies
Dreams and nights

Now I’ve lost me
Now I’ve lost you

Christos Doukakis

  1. NONN – ‘Hills’

NONN is the brainchild by Swedish native Christian Eldefors, whose latest, spectacular self-titled album was released May 26th, via the always prolific Fuzz Club Records. ‘Hills’ is one of the most outstanding tracks from this release with a catchy-as-hell refrain to dance to and sing-along… Modern psychedelia mixed with heavy reverb, cold wave and some really cool synths will you urge you look at the sky, smile, take a deep breath and just carry on with more self-confidence and optimism… Vital!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Eleftheria Gesou, Mike Dimitriou, Michael Barnett & Christos Doukakis