1. Dead Melodies– ‘A Trial Of Crows And Blood

Dead Melodies is the latest project to join the Cryo Chamber label. On their new album ‘Legends Of The Wood‘ they take us into a dark enchanted forest, filled with daemoniac spirits and ghastly omens. The opening track ‘A Trial Of Crows And Blood‘ sets the stage for this devilish story. We find ourselves surrounded by ambient sounds, crows, the wind gently blowing, the crackling of a fire. The drones give us a sense of serenity, but there is something darker… lingering just beneath the surface. Prepare for an introspective journey, which may leave you in the comfort of your own darkness… or haunted by the sinister legends of the wood.

Michael Barnett

  1. Garden Krist – ‘Good Morning

I chose that tune for the week’s mixtape, Ukranian Garden Krist, released on May 6 ‘Good Morning‘ song, and you may check them at their Soundcloud page. A mid-tempo, dark-minimal, little beast with hypnotic vocals and beat, based quite easily on industrial tunes, suitable mostly for driving, or dancing…yeah so, enjoy-Loud!!!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Ruby Haunt – ‘Destroyer

Last year Ruby Haunt’s debut album ‘Sugar’ was one of the best synth-drenched minimalistic, post-punk influenced, dreampop I had heard for a while.

The Los Angeles based duo of childhood friends Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns is back with their new single, from the upcoming ‘Nevada’ EP out at the end of the month, and, once again, does not disappoint.

Destroyer’ starts with a guitar chords’ progression that could remind an infamous Blue Oyster Cult song, before developing in an hazy emotional soundscape made of alluring vocals, hypnotic guitar lines, atmospheric synth pads and broody bass, crafting a sonically moving and unique imprint of eerie, imaginative and compelling melancholic pop.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Physical Therapy – ‘More Sugar

Well summer is fast approaching and I really dig some cool electronic sounds, like the latest Physical Therapy one. ‘More Sugar‘ is a “dope” housey tune that may lead you by the seaside sooner than you think. Trippy, hazy, addictive…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Polar Inertia – ‘Passive Synthesis’

Well, 12 and a half minutes of absolute trancey, idm techno is the latest gem by Polar Inertia, ‘Passive Synthesis‘. One of the finest examples of modern-day electronic techno, this one is certain to drive you into other dimensions. Just press play, pump up the volume and let it flow!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Mike Dimitriou, Fabrizio Lusso & Christos Doukakis