1. The Cherry Wave – ‘Crashing

Glasgow quartet The Cherry Wave returned this week with their latest blistering full length album, ‘Shimaru‘ (self released 23/01/17).  Continuing in the vein of their previous efforts, 2014’s ‘Avalancher‘ and 2013’s EP ‘Blush‘, the band deftly combines elements of shoegaze, psych, and alternative rock to create their own fantastic noise.  The highly addictive second single ‘Crashing‘ is an absolute belter, letting everyone know they have come crashing back indeed.

Sheila Villarreal

  1. Tetrolugosi – ‘Cats In Space

Who better than cats, with their curiosity, bravery and spirit of adventure, could embark in a journey around the Juniper’s moon singing a beautiful sweet melody?

Cats In Space‘ is an enchanting, surreal and little synthpop jewel embellished by the analogue quirky and creepy vintage sounds produced by Sara’s vintage analog wizardry and the deep slightly baritonal Camillo’s voice singing “..Cats on synthesizers in space start to sing a gracious melody sweet/ All the cats on synthesizers in space  when they see us passing by say / There is one small step for a man  a giant leap for mankind

In a sometime too serious and self-celebrating dark gothic scene the visionary  and eccentric Italian darkwave/synthpop duo of Sara Paradisi (keybords, voices, organs, theremin) and Camillo Prazzoli (keybords, voice, organs, bass guitar) is a so much needed intriguing fresh breath of irony, surrealism and natural musical ability.

Enjoy the video with the footage taken from the short movie “Le Voyage Sur Jupiter” (1909), directed by Segundo de Chomón.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. HELLYEAH – ‘Love Falls

For this mixtape selection, we travel into American hard rock/metal. From HELLYEAH‘s 2016 release ‘Undeniable‘ comes the track ‘Love Falls‘. This powerful and melodic song features perfectly poetic but meaningful lyrics, sewn into a tapestry of beautiful gray melancholia. The video, directed by William Felch, captures the subject matter in a tasteful palette of sepia tone. Both song and video marry together to create a work that claws at the heart and soul of the listener. ‘Love Falls‘ is a breath of fresh air with a very real, but powerful message for any listener who can relate.

Malinda Mansfield

  1. Jungle Fire – ‘N.U.S.A.U.

Are you tired of those cold January days and you’re looking for something that truly will warm you up? Stop worrying about and don’t waste your money in heaters…

The heat is coming from Los Angeles in two words: Jungle Fire

Well this is not a commercial or an advertisement; this is a true story and consists of 10 real heating pieces/musicians that all together are called Jungle Fire:A band formed in 2011 that knows pretty well how to mix different styles of groovy music like funk, soul, afrobeat, latin funk and more. Their music is better described by Juno Records UK “…fusing Cumbia, Afrobeat and traditional funk…”.

So, let’s heat you…with the track ‘N.U.S.A.U.’ from their new 7’’single called N.U.S.A.U./LA Kossa (Colemine Records, 2017) and prepare yourself for a dancing time that will raise the temperature of your body. Energy and power, uptempo rhythm, afro vibes are the elements of the fire erupting from this new 7’’ single. Be sure to be near by a bucket of water…Jungle Fire is a dangerous thing to play unless you know how to groove. Play and enjoy!!!

***video also contains b-side ‘LA Kossa’

Dimitris Koutoukakis

  1. Item Caligo – ‘The Terrible Never Deceive’ 

The Russian ambient/dark ambient artist Item Caligo self-released his latest album, ‘Infirmitas III‘. Item Caligo takes his listeners to a place which holds equal parts melancholy and discovery. As if we are walking through the rooms of an abandoned hospital, Item Caligo dredges up feelings and atmospheres which can easily delight the senses with a dark amazement. ‘The Terrible Never Deceive‘ is a subdued track, with a thick atmosphere and a subtle use of synth drones. The execution of this track seems on par with the cinematic master Angelo Badalamenti, the musician behind such wonderful soundtracks as “Lost Highway” and “Twin Peaks“. The mesmerizing world of Item Caligo is best discovered alone in the dark.

Michael Barnett

Compiled by Sheila Villarreal, Fabrizio Lusso, Malinda Mansfield, Dimitris Koutoukakis & Michael Barnett