1. Enmarta – ‘Journey To The Celestial Rivers

Enmarta is back with another brilliant dark ambient album, heavily influenced by his classical leanings. ‘Jrouney To The Celestial Rivers‘ takes the listener through a dark and rainy night to the heart of some mystical terrain. A lonely viola enters the mix sending the listener deep into Enmarta’s trance. Enmarta proves with his new album ‘The Hermit‘ that he has more up his sleeve than just the usual dark ambient soundscapes. This album is truly a genre-bending epic just waiting to be consumed.

Michael Barnett

  1. Meat Injection – ‘Murder The Sub Clown

Newly created band of musicians with no prior experience in dark forms are seeking the posthumous fame and it seems to me that something catchy and fresh has just burst forth, not to mention their cover for Wipers. Electroclash arrangements of extreme industrial sound accompanied by a guitar for the fillings of extra noise and infected with an impeccable dark atmosphere with a dance mood. ‘Murder The Sub Clown‘, a new single from their coming EP. Beautiful guys with beautiful intensions. Dance, guys!!!

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Makis Gevros

  1. Desperate Journalist – ‘Hollow

For reasons of time, this real belter stayed out from last Mixtape but here we are ready to fix this.

North London-based post punk four-piece Desperate Journalist, our favourite British band since the very beginning, are going from strength to strength judging from this new single, the first new material in over a year.

An extraordinary drumming hits hard, a taut bassline throbs strongly, a reverbed shimmering guitar fills the sound all together in a cohesive exciting way enhanced by the charming Jo Bevan, whose powerful, cathartic vocals take the emotional centerpiece. All the right ingredients for an unforgettable song are here: melody, pathos, passion, melancholy, vulnerability, frustration, despair and above all soul.

Their sophomore album ‘Grow Up‘ will be released next March via the mighty Fierce Panda label.

Enjoy the intriguing video directed by their long time collaborator Jason Weidner below.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. La Féline – ‘Senga

La Féline is the ‘progressive pop’ project led by the Parisian chanteuse and guitarist Agnès Gayraud, also part of the pop instigator collective La Souterraine.

The name is inspired from by the 1942 movie “Cat People”, a masterpiece directed by the influential noir director Jacques Tourneur in 1942, which later had a successful remake in 1982 by Paul Schrader with the famous theme song sung by David Bowie.

Senga‘, the new single from the forthcoming sophomore album ‘Triomphe‘, is the name of an mysterious ancient Egyptian vestiges shaped like a harp’s head.

Since the beginning the artistic and literary references, the interest for the mystery and the occult go together with the best Francophone electro-pop tradition, making La Féline a too interesting act to be withdrawn from the international stage.

Underscored by minimal electronic patterns and guitars lines, the beautiful magnetic and sensual  Agnès’ voice carries us into an arcane and dreamlike nocturnal atmosphere, perfectly paired with the haunting visuals where a moltitude of villagers persecutors chase through a dark foggy forest a supernatural creature… a little sublime cold electronic folk gem.

The panther’s kiss will not leave you indifferent, but will touch your heart.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Factory Floor – ‘Wave’

Much like the album contents and lyrics the idea was to leave the video to the viewers / listeners own interpretation, sitting somewhere between abstract and suggestive. People tend to apply Factory Floor’s music to dance floor environments but for me, when we are writing and creating records and sounds, the idea of journey and escapism through nature is always prominent.” This is what the band’s own, and director for this one, Gabe Gurnsey stated about the latest Factory Floor‘s video ‘Wave‘ from ‘25 25‘ (DFA Records).

Simply impressive and epic!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Makis Gevros, Fabrizio Lusso & Christos Doukakis