1. Glass Horses – ‘Little Tricks

Glass Horses is a promising drone/noise/pop quartet from East London and ‘Little Tricks‘ is their latest tune to emerge from them. Their charismatic singer fits perfectly with the catchy as hell melody, that will lead you to multiple hearings. Do not expect mainstream media to present those London darlings, at least in the near future. Last Day Deaf believes in them and we urge you to hit the play button below. Still haven’t?  Wow, I need a pint…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Dos Floris – ‘Water

Florence Donovan aka Dos Floris is an English multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter currently living in Bologna, Italy.

After three years of experimental efforts, locked in her home studio, in the end of 2015 she released her beautiful and beguiling debut album titled ‘The Widowed Earth. Twelve songs mixing electronic and field recording samples with acoustic instruments, naturally encompass different genres as dream-pop, industrial, ambient, rock, choral, folk, trip-hop to shape their personal touch.

Water’ is a sublime and impressionist piano-led spectral dream interspersed with electronic effects and the fragile and angelic Florence’s voice, pondering about the struggle of growing up: ‘And the sand watered me down… / And I dreamt I was falling / Couldn’t hold your hand no more / And the slow waves drifting’;  a magic atmosphere of melancholy, romance and uneasiness leaving you speechless and enchanted.

“Sound Overwhelming Everything”, never this definition was more appropriate to describe this little gem.

 Enjoy the spellbinding visuals below.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Astio † – ‘Abitudini e Promesse

“Astio” is an Italian word for “grudge”, a strong feeling of anger and dislike for a person who you feel has treated you badly.

We don’t know who is the target, an individual? the society? the world?  Certainly it’s one of the elements that contribute to such an intense, fresh and personal take on the post punk genre.

Astio †  is the solo moniker of the young Italian artist Simone Valentini from Trento, his music drew soon the attention of the Bleib Modern’s mastermind Philipp Läufer who released the six-track EP ‘Catasta’ on his own Black Verb Records, a few days ago.

From this overall excellent debut, I personally picked ‘Abitudini e Promesse’ (Habits and Promises), a direct and touching synth-driven dark wave track with a ghosthly intelligible voice in the background, moaning about unfulfilled promises and the apathetic and blindless routine of life.

Just another ‘angry’ really promising young talent to keep an eye on.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. The Men – ‘Crime

We wrote about the new killer track, ‘Crime‘, by The Men a few days ago. This one is how rock music should sound nowadays: Raw, powerful, straightforward to our face and noisy. On November 10th their upcoming album ‘Devil Music’ will see the light of the day. Hey, take off your earplugs! Wake up!

 Christos Doukakis  

  1. Steel Hook Prostheses – ‘Forever And A Day’

The masters of death industrial are back with ‘Calm Morbidity‘. Steel Hook Prostheses are the brilliant duo John Stillings, who takes care of the majority of the mastering on Malignant Records, and Larry Kerr. ‘Cyclopia‘ gives us a first taste of what to look forward to on ‘Calm Morbidity‘, to be released on the 28th. ‘Cyclopia‘ delivers a serious punch with its pitch black industrial noise. Sounds twist and writhe throughout the track, dragging the psyche into an utterly devastated void of existence. Not for the faint of heart. Tread lightly and try to keep your sanity about you as Steel Hook Prostheses deliver another mind altering submission.

Michael Barnett

Compiled by  Christos Doukakis, Fabrizio Lusso & Michael Barnett