1. Pink Turns Blue  – ‘There Must Be so Much More’

German post punk/dark wave/gothic rock legendary band Pink Turns Blue recently returned with their new single ‘There Must Be so Much More‘; A bass-driven, post-pandemic, post punk anthem which is a ‘warning of complacency. An urgent call to refine oneself and to make the world a better place‘. Emotive, dark, but also with a dim light of hope and an authoritative climax after 2.30 mark with the addictive piano and the bleeding guitar! There Must Be so Much More……of Pink Turns Blue!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Douglas – ‘Come With Me’

Come With Me‘ is one of the most captivating tracks from the recently released, debut album ‘Ashes‘ by Los Angeles-based solo act Douglas. This gem contains both English and Spanish, and could be described as a genre-breaking blend of dark rock, shoegaze, indie electronic and ethereal dream pop. The angelic vocals are genuinely combined with the multiple sound layers, while the song unfolds its transcendent beauty in its spiral climax. An uncommon, obsessive, emotive treasure that will keep you engaged for days. Turn this one up loud!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Past Palms – ‘Tropics’

Next up we find New York-based producer Past Palms,  and his latest single ‘Tropics‘, the first taster from the upcoming ‘Empyrean‘ EP. According to Past palms on ‘Tropics‘: ‘My vision for Past Palms has always been to encapsulate the feeling of bringing nature indoors while living in a nature-less place. With COVID-19 and lockdowns, I’ve found it more personally resonant than ever to bring plants indoors to nurture my innate connection to nature. As I hunkered down in my Brooklyn apartment this past year, I aspired to write music that felt like I was actually in the rainforest. I started ‘Tropics’ with a bed of jungle field recordings, cascading harp samples, and botanical textures. But I also felt the need to capture the environment I was actually in, so I included city elements like uptempo house beats and deep bass waves. It was important to me to keep that juxtaposition present between natural and unnatural elements.’

This one is a stunning UK garage treat with elegant ethic elements that will transport you far from the urban environment…. Utter seduction!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Hadda Be – ‘Wait In the Dark’

Brighton/London based band Hadda Be recently gifted us with their explosive track and video (directed by Chris Tomsett)  ‘Wait In the Dark‘. 189 seconds of indie rock dementia, enslaving fuzzy guitars, some of the best drumming we have heard in a while, and vocals with attitude. According to the band ‘Wait In the Dark‘ ‘is a direct and visceral reaction to the turbulent political and cultural times we find ourselves in‘. I should add an absolute must for a killer live show!

Christos Doukakis

  1. True Faith – ‘Leucovorin Rescue’

Boston coldwave and post-punk trio True Faith recently released the A-side track & video of the upcoming ‘Leucovorin Rescue b/w What Is Owed‘ 7″ that is due for release via A La Carte Records on June 4th.

Leucovorin Rescue‘ is an angsty, post punk treat with emotive vocals, that brought in mind iLiKETRAiNS, outstanding guitar work, turbulent rhythm section and a driving bassline straight from the darkest corners of 80s. And what about the lyrics?

Good enough to find
Does it feel like home?
Wouldn’t have to waste all this time
If it’s good enough to find
Does it feel like now?
Pretend we found the time
Would it be like now?
Could we go back and try to find
A way to pass the time
So it feels like now
What does it feel like now?
Put it all behind
Does it feel so gone?
Falling down a dozen times
Just to find the what’s mine
Just to feel like now
What does it feel like now?
I feel it coming down on me

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis