1. Pulsations  – ‘Of Vultures and Sickles’

Copenhagen-based band Pulsations recently returned with their 2nd single ‘Of Vultures and Sickles‘, which is an instant classic for the post punk/dark wave genre. Their sound is straight from the 80s, bringing in mind some of the greatest acts of the era and all the elements we adore are in this “instant boner”: Dreamy atmosphere, a killer driving bassline, moody and well balanced vocals, an ultra catchy sing-along chorus and dope flow. The spearheaded by Copenhagen-based musician and producer Hadrian Esteves act has done its magic once again, after its homonymous debut double A-side single, ‘Bedwarfing Virtues/Among Daughters Of The Wet Stones‘ (Crunch Pod, August 2020). Vital!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Phantom Handshakes – ‘Cricket Songs’

Cricket Songs‘, the brilliant second single from Phantom Handshakes‘ upcoming album ‘No More Summer Songs‘ (out April 30th via Z Tapes) is here!

Federica Tassano (Sooner, Mônetre) and Matt Sklar (Exiles), offer a dreamy, melancholic indie pop gem, with soft, hazy vocals, and nostalgic guitars, that reminds us of the sweetness of The Arrogants and the masterpieces from Sarah Records.. April 30th is not so far away..

Theodoros Rentesis

  1. Fat Koala Disorder – ‘My Very Own Cain’ (feat. Paul Numi)

Oh God what do we have here? A gift straight from cold wave heaven! Polish duo Fat Koala Disorder joins forces with indie artist Paul Numi for their latest single ‘My Very Own Cain‘, and the result is just superb. This one is an unmissable treat for all of those who still dance to 80s era New Order, and Numi’s (vocals, bass, lyrics) contribution for this track was crucial. Just listen to the Hooky-esque bass and his expressive vocals. An what about the lyrics:

All the dragons

I have fought

And the dreams

That came to naught

Recognition sought

In vain

My own Cain

Is it ever enough?

He still calls

My own bluff

No one’s more tough

Than that shadow

My very own Cain

Christos Doukakis

  1. SPRINTS – ‘Swimming’

High time to get a bit louder with the latest, explosive single ‘Swimming‘ from Irish band SPRINTS. The Dublin, female-led, 4-piece gift us with a fine “abrasive mineral”, raw post punk, with thunderous drumming, powerhouse vocals, and edgy guitars. Running 200 miles/hours from start to finish this is a single breath track, via Nice Swan Records, produced by Girl Band‘s Daniel Fox. Dynamite!

Christos Doukakis

  1. MØAA – ‘X Marks’

Last but not least, some stunning, dark euphoria by MØAA, -a project initially conceived by Jancy Rae when she began writing and recording demos while living in the forest near Seattle, WA-, and her single ‘Swimming‘ which is a more than an ideal taster for the upcoming debut album ‘Euphoric Recall‘ dropping on April 2nd via We Were Never Being Boring Collective. the dreamy soundscapes, which could be described as “goth dream pop” are exceptionally combined with the visualizer directed by Blau!.  Ready for the dive?

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Theodoros Rentesis