1. Professor Galactico – ‘Alien’

Death, destruction, and a boatload of bad vibes seems to be the theme for 2020 thus far, but ska-punk is always there to brighten matters a bit! After recently signing to Wiretap Record’s Latinx punk imprint My Grito Industries, LA-based band The Paranoias have joined forces with Professor Galactico to share ‘Nightmare / Hope To See You Next Year‘ a 10-track split album, that’s a tad of a turn from average ska, melding in jazz, metal, and punk, but soothes that random ska itch you’ve been wanting to scratch since autumn started to take effect.

Alien‘ is the first track off the LP and highly recommend for it’s spooky background ambiance and punk timing.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Morningless – ‘Tonight’

Hope you love The Beach Boys so much like we do…. Swiss indie pop act Morningless deliver a shameless creation of what might have been the best hidden track in 1966’s masterpiece, and among the most influential albums in music history, ‘Pet Sounds‘; ‘Tonight‘ has it all, but all the more so the baroque pop aesthetics and the poppiness bands like the great High Llamas never achieved.

Christos Doukakis

  1. Weal – ‘New York Noise’

New York Noise‘ is the first single of Weal‘s debut album ‘Calm‘, that will be released on Friday, January 8, 2021. Self-described as ‘Scandinavian rock noir at its best‘, the track is a fine blend of cathartic post rock, anthemic indie rock and intense noise rock.  And, this one is a 6-minute slow-burner for the patient listeners that will get rewarded… Stay focused!

Christos Doukakis

  1. DE4THRACE – ‘Slippery Slope’

DE4THRACE is the offspring of producer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Palgy, one of the founders of VHS Or Beta. Heavily inspired by horror films, drone music, shoegaze, and synthwave, ‘Slippery Slope‘ proves to be a wild ride,  and an ‘alloy’ of the aforementioned. The track features Dahm Cipolla from Mono on drums, and those of you who feel ready to dive into a dystopian world of distortion, reverbs, and dark synths, all you have to do is press the play button below…

Christos Doukakis

  1. The Weeknd  – ‘Too Late’

Another stunning, graphic video from The Weeknd‘s latest album ‘After Hours‘, this time for ‘Too Late‘. After ‘In Your Eyes‘, the plot continues: Wanna see hat happens with the Weeknd’s disembodied head? Well…

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis