1. Death Valley Girls – ‘Under the Spell of Joy’

Under the Spell of Joy‘ is the title track off of Death Valley Girls’ latest album, set for release on October 2nd. Much of the LP was inspired by the variety of Ethiopian funk the LA based band was listening to on tour, and you can spot the influence in the title track. Begun with a children’s choir (like anything halfway decent, amirite?), ‘Under the Spell of Joy‘ features Stooges-esque instrumentation and a punk-lite stomp, marrying the innocent with a grim bounce. Check it out!

Sarah Medeiros

  1. wor_kspace – ‘weekend’

Next up in the first “post-summer” Mixtape, we have the dazzling debut single by brit ourfit wor_kspace. Imagine Alpine Stars (do you remember those dudes?) falling in love with 70s kraut rock, but with the cathiness of Saint Etienne. ‘weekend‘ is a splendid indietronica/indie pop treasure to get lost in… On endless repeat!

Christos Doukakis

  1. The Stir Fry Pop Star – ‘Soul Riser’

The Stir Fry Pop Star is the creative moniker of Ryan Wilson. (hailing from the Planet Tharg!), highly responsive for quite a few synthpop-electro tunes, since 2015. ‘Soul Riser‘ could be described as “an infusion of early eighties synth pop mixed with early nineties baggy“, and is the latest single off of his forthcoming album ‘Groovebox Messiah Sessions‘, which was written on a cheap second- hand Roland MC303 keyboard.

Make sure you also check the a la AMIGA 500 visualizer for the best experience!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Crippled Black Phoenix – ‘Lost’

Crippled Black Phoenix‘ most recent music video for the track ‘Lost‘, featuring guest vocalist Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema),  taken from the upcoming album ‘Ellengæst‘ which will be released worldwide on October 9, 2020 via Season Of Mist. is a spine-chilling cry of despair, with the top comment regarding the video from Sebastian GonzalezThat’s the pictures of our era. So sad, so true.” describing it all….

Defining the post-COVID era… Punch in the stomach….

Christos Doukakis

  1. Molchat Doma – ‘Не Смешно / Ne Smeshno’

Occasionally a certain song comes along whereupon listening to it you feel infinitesimally cooler just by it’s sonics blessing your ears. ‘Не Смешно / Ne Smeshno‘ is one of those tracks. The first single off of Belarusian post-punk band Molchat Doma’s upcoming LP ‘Monument‘, brings to mind the dingy club atmosphere we’ve all been missing this year, with it’s echoes and wavy grooves, never mind how the vintage drum machines tie the track together in a pretty bow for our listening consumption!

Sarah Medeiros

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis