1. Marva Von Theo – ‘Forever’

The first time we pressed the play button for Marva Von Theo‘s latest track & lyric video ‘Forever‘, spoke to myself: “Wow, thats a change! Electro-pop catchy and pretty optimistic unlike their previous works!”

But, was it that simple? Below the glossy, new wave, eerie synth-pop soundscapes, a more focused listen will unfold this gem’s darker beauty. After all, ‘Forever‘ “lyrically is an ode to time and the end of it, as the final act unfolds towards redemption and eternity, a theme mostly inspired by Medieval writings and the raw, shadowy, folk tradition.”

The 2nd single (after ‘Embrace This Madness‘) keeps our expectations pretty high for the duo’s upcoming second album ‘Afterglow‘, due out in Autumn. Until then will give in to this extraordinary seduction…. Forever!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Winter – ‘Healing’

We could all benefit from a tinge of healing right now, and Brazilian dreampop singer Samira Winter of the indie outfit Winter is sharing a fine morsel of soothing for those in need. ‘Healing‘ is the latest single to be released off of the upcoming LP ‘Endless Space (Between You & I)‘ due out July 24th via Bar/None Records.

As dreamy as a windy road and as warm as a sleepy beach day, ‘Healing‘ is a must for this summer’s lallygagging playlists.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Primitive Man  – ‘The Lifer’

When Primitive Man releases a new track you aren’t left with very many words to describe it aside from: listen! But I suppose you came here for quick briefings so here it goes – everyone’s favorite Denver sludge masters are back at it again with ‘The Lifer‘, the lead single off of ‘Immersion‘ due out August 14th via Relapse Records. The track is seven and a half minutes in length, crushing you along the way with it’s weight and throbbing psychosis.

Frontman Ethan McCarthy states it’s about “being cursed with and unable to shed the desire to create.” It’s certainly creative and bleak, check it out.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Curves – ‘Stallone’

…Have to admit it that I fell in love with that Casio and the aesthetics of the latest video ‘Stallone‘ by Aussie ‘romantics’ Curves. These buddies may very well have spent some serious amount of their time during those lockdown weekends watching “The Goonies“, playing “Dr. Mario” on NES, and trading off their double Stickers (remember them?).

This is an addictive new wave-y, lo-fi pop ear-candy to soothe our nostalgia, and dream again, and dance and laugh.

Need to repair my walkman really soon after this!

Christos Doukakis

  1. gazelle(s) – ‘Clemency for the Heathen’

Finishing with the poetic post rock opus ‘Clemency for the Heathen‘ by gazelle(s)‘ just released album ‘True Meridian‘. This album is a really bold venture, having been ”recorded in Portland, Oregon at Hallowed Halls studios with esteemed recording engineer Brandon Eggleston (Swans, Modest Mouse, Grails), and featuring guest apperances by the likes of Krist Novoselic (Nirvana, Giants in the Trees) and Randall Taylor (Amulets)”.

Oregon-based band’s sound is blasted to the heavens with the vigorous violins & string arrangement, the impeccable, high-skilled performance and the intense flirt with progressive rock. Yes, you read well, this could very well be under the progressive post rock genre, or if you prefer unlike anything you’ve listened so far in relation to the genre.

Pure Masterpiece!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros