1. Grandaddy – ‘Way We Won’t

Yep! This one is typical Grandaddy. Super melody, hazy soundscapes, indie lo-fi at its best. Jason Lytle and co. seem to return in the best possible shape. Along with ‘Clear Your History‘, ‘Way We Won’t‘ is the first new music for the band since 2006. And, once again it’s catchy as hell!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Kim Gordon – ‘Murdered Out

I really love this song! Kim Gordon’s brand new ‘Murdered Out‘ is the kind of alternative rock that moves my feet, makes me smile like a fan on overdrives, pushing me to pump up the volume, have a beer and play it again and again! Having “studied” Sonic Youth and the later Kim’s work, I found in here all these Gordon-like special delights, her vocals and all of the guitar work that make it all, you know…sleazy and loud! Just press the play button…and have a beer!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. SPINE– ‘Pathoclisis

SPINE is the solo-project of Henry Emich known for his projects Herbst9 and Land:Fire. On ‘Continue To Exist‘, SPINE showcase their masterful manipulations of dark ambient. But, with SPINE, this is done in a much more calming and subtle way than we’ve previously heard from Henry Emich. The opening track ‘Pathoclisis‘ is a brilliant example of their sound, slow rolling drones, field recordings, celestial yet developed vocals, it is all here for the listener to absorb. Released in 24bit and mastered at the legendary Secretlab, ‘Continue To Exist‘ is sure to turn plenty of heads with its attention to even the most minute details.

Michael Barnett

  1. Chromatics – ‘I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around

A few weeks ago, the quartet from Portland shared the music video for ‘Dear Tommy’, the long-awaited album’s title track.

Now it’s time for ‘I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around’, a gorgeous synth-laden mesmerizing song originally unveiled over a year ago, to get its very own video, a shimmering and misty black & white split-screen clip of the band performing, shot and edited in LA.

And We Live Just To Love / Getting Lost On Our Own / And We Tell All Our Lies / As Our Hearts Turn To Stone’ the enchanting Ruth Radelet sings.
Chromatics revealed the title and the 17-song tracklist of the follow-up to ‘Kill For Love’ back in December 2014 and promised it would be out before Valentine’s Day 2015, but there has been no sign of it yet. Of course the band’s mastermind, Johnny Jewel is well known for being an obsessive perfectionist—after all who’s better than him at creating such classy and cinematic dark electronic marvels?

So be positive and patient and be sure that the long wait will be rewarded… someday.

Italians can be a little messy and unreliable sometimes, but, eventually, ‘Italians Do It Better’.

In the meantime enjoy the video below :

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Radiohead – ‘Present Tense’

Yesterday we told you about Radiohead‘s new video ‘Present Tense. The genius called Paul Thomas Anderson holds the camera and directs Thom, Jonny & Roland CR-78. And you better…Hold your breath!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by  Christos Doukakis, Mike Dimitriou, Michael Barnett & Fabrizio Lusso