1. FireBug – ‘Wine, Water & Bread’ 

While listening to FireBug‘s latest track ‘Wine, Water & Bread‘, caught myself a few times clicking on the laptop calendar to check the date: “Is it really 2020? Or maybe 1965?“.  Is it the quarantine that hit me? Nope, it’s this remarkable vocal performance by the band’s front-woman Juliette Tworsey (also on rhythm guitar & mandolin), that brought in my mind some of the greatest female performers of the 60s golden era of rock n’ roll. This is a stunning, captivating blues rock treat destined for repeated listens and a band that anybody considering themselves a rock fan, should check out… And this is a really good start!.

Christos Doukakis

  1. Sasemoi – ‘Allowing Sadness’

Changing mood and sound, but not quality, to meet Dutch artist Sasemoi with a 9-minute epic journey.

Allowing Sadness‘ could be considered a monumental slow-burner, and a perfect balance between melodic techno and idm. However, ambient techno may very well be the most precise description… Leaving the genre thingy, Sasemoi is not in a rush to give it all way in the introductory minutes. Those who will listen until the very end, will be compensated with an epic journey to infinity, wishing there was no end. It’s addictive, seductive, well-balanced & produced and it’s a sublime grower… Out of this world & accessible!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Treasure – ‘Swim Deep’

Ready for some soulful, lush harmonies? The laid back production and the overflowing nostalgia that Treasure‘s ‘Swim Deep‘ unleashes is definitely noteworthy, but even more his sultry vocal performance. Listening to this little ‘treasure’ I can fully understand his influences: Frank Ocean, Choker, HOMESHAKE, The Internet and D’Angelo. Give it a break form the “macabre numbers”, Treasure is here to chill us out. A smooth escape from reality… Hope you can swim deep!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Hanna Ojala – ‘Martial Law of Nature’

Finnish Hanna Ojala is not a newbie on Last Day Deaf. We are happy to have featured her recently on our 9+1 Q&A column, among other creations of hers on the blog. A daring spirit and artist with strong diy ethos, that before pressing the play button you don’t expect what may follow. This happened with ‘Martial Law of Nature‘, a dark, experimental, minimal techno composition accompanied with visuals by herself. The suffocating atmosphere, leaves no easy way out to the unaware listener, but the question is do we really want a way out? The answer is negative. We wanna live this experience and join that weird litany of the mutants

Christos Doukakis

  1. Wares – ‘Living Proof’

Living Proof‘ is the latest track shared off of Canadian indie rockers Wares’ upcoming LP ‘Survival‘. It’s swaying ambience seems better suited for a fall road trip, but could very well fit your drive to other side of your house during these quarantined times. The single was written about Cassia Hardy’s gender affirming surgery, but the lyrics are so hazy – indulgent woolgathering – that you could find many stories within them. On a cool side-note for vinyl aficionados, ‘Survival‘ can be found later this month pressed onto limited edition coke bottle clear recycled vinyl.

Sarah Medeiros

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros