1. Sun of the Dying – ‘When The Morning Came’

An environmental awareness from the Spanish doom/death Sun of the Dying who are releasing their second album ‘The Earth Is Silent‘ on November 29th via AOP Records.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Have A Nice Life – ‘Science Beat’

The Chinise torture is ending in a few days. Friday, November 8th that is the day ‘Sea of Worry‘, by the best currently active band, Have A Nice Life, will arrive. ‘Science Beat‘ is the latest sample (until today) and is a pure ethereal beast, clocking at 5 mins and 35 secs.

Hold my feet to the fire. I’m bent by these desires, never met, nor required. And I’m not one for the irony. Knife and cleaver, lye and loam. Lay my head in the flames. “Are you glad I came?” I look myself in the face, and I don’t see anything. All along, I’ve felt an invisible hand, guiding my errant heart. I consume, and am consumed in part.’

This second to none act is able to sing the ‘unsingable’ darkest edge of our soul, unveil it, reveal it… Music beyond… Take it!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Russian Baths – ‘Wrong’

Wrong‘ is the final sample off Brooklyn based band Russian Baths’ debut album ‘Deepfake‘, set to be released November 8th via Good Eye Records. The single’s sound is what you’d expect from early era Radiohead and The Cure having a sweet, dark, goth baby. So enjoy the newborn’s gloomy guitars before it starts to properly rebel!

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Jaguar Purrs – ‘Neon’

Behind Atlanta-based “jaguar pop” (yeah, dig how they describe their sound) act Jaguar Purrs is Jordan Parker. ‘Neon‘ the latest treat by Jaguar Purrs, is a catchy, “imagine The Strokes on meth”, and above all sexy gem that will keep you engaged for days.

After the 10th repeated listen, I think I see some jaguars dancing over there at there at the right side of my living room. Trippy one!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Orchestra Gold – ‘Maribayassa’

The liner notes about Orchestra Gold‘s ‘Maribayassa‘ couldn’t be more to the point: ‘Its 1976 and you just stepped inside a smokey club in Bamako, Mali: gritty analog sounds of funky folkloric music, psychedelic guitar swirling with jazzy horns and hypnotic bass. Dance party!‘ The band is fronted by the charismatic Malian singer and dancer Mariam Diakité,  and their sublime blend of analog rock, Malian roots music, soul and psychedelic rock is ideally presented in this 4-minute dynamite, from their recently released EP. Pure gold!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Mary Kalaitzidou, Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros