Michiel Eikenaar was the frontman and also a lyricist and visual artist of the Dutch bands Nihill and Dodecahedron. Unfortunately, he lost the battle with cancer today at the age of 42.

Nihill (Hydra Head Records/ Burning World Records/ Roadburn Records/ Tartarus Records) had released four full-length albums (‘Krach‘, ‘Grond‘, ‘Verdonkermann‘, and ‘Verderf‘), one live album (‘As‘) and one split with Alkerdeel (‘The Abyss Stares Back – Vol. IV‘). The band managed to reach every spectrum of the black metal genre and earn its place for promising bands. Sadly, Eikenaar’s death brings Nihill’s end as well. From the official Facebook page of Nihill we read:

It is with devastating sadness that I share the death of my brother on the left hand path, our singer and black metal icon Michiel Eikenaar.

Loved and respected by his peers and the international blackmetal community. A commanding frontman and fantastic lyricist, a great visual artist, but above all, a big friendly loveable guy. Death comes for all of us. It comes for the strongest, the brightest and the most loved, and Michiel was all of those things and much more.

He leaves two small, beautiful children, a sweet and lovely wife, a close family that supported him through these difficult times and an international inner circle of friends and admirers that will miss him every hour of every day.

We were working on a fifth album, to be called ‘Seven Trumpets Of Doom’. Those recordings will join him in the great beyond. THE_KVLT_OF_NIHILL // NIHILL will cease to exist today, right now. I will continue as ULVEBLOD. Jelle will continue with Terzij de Horde. Our live aids Michel & Jasper will continue as/with DODECAHEDRON.

Burn a candle, raise the chalice, wield the scythe. Rest in peace my friend.


With Dodecahedron (Season Of Mist), which had a more experimental avant-garde black metal sound, Eikenaar released two albums (‘Dodecahedron‘ and ‘Kwintessens‘) and one live album (‘Live in Leiden 2017‘). The band was set to perform at Roadburn Festival today. Season of Mist announced that despite the sad loss, Dodecahedron will perform as an homage to Eikenaar.

Mary Kalaitzidou