Have you been missing new releases from one of the greatest noise artists of all time? Put your vacuum cleaner/MBV albums aside and get ready for a revised and updated version of Merzbow’s 1994 album ‘Hole‘ featuring new material entitled ‘Noise Mass‘. Yet another Dada influenced musician making a comeback in 2019 (we’re looking at you as well, Cabaret Voltaire), Merzbow will be releasing a 28-page book alongside ‘Noise Mass‘ highlighting his rise from 1979 ’til now with exclusive photos and a career spanning interview with Masami Akita (Merzbow himself). Looking for a little background info on ‘Noise Mass‘? Akita stated, “This was around the time ‘Venereology’ was released from Relapse and the work of Merzbow became more well known to the world. Far greater quantities of that Relapse release were pressed, and much more promotion along with it. In other words, the image of Merzbow’s music as it is best known in the world today came from this time. The music of Merzbow has always been a continuum, the piece added this time to ‘Noise Mass’, the revised version of ‘Hole’, is a work utilising a voice similar in style to ‘Venereology’. Listening to both ‘Hole’ and ‘Venereology’, one can appreciate how these works constitute a thread of continuity through this period.”

You can find ‘Noise Mass‘ on July 12th via Room40, but if you’re likely to forget or just can’t wait the few days of processing and shipping, you can pre-order it now. Cover art and track listing is down below for your viewing pleasure, along with a sampling of the LP.

Sarah Medeiros



1. ‘Voicematrix Pt.1’

2. ‘Noisematrix Pt.1’

3. ‘Noisematrix Pt.2’

4. ‘Kraft-Ebings Dick’

5. ‘Voicematrix Pt.2’