Directed by Thodoris Pantazis during November 2016
Production by Cts Photography

Taken from In Order Of Disappearance‘s album ‘One Floating Shipwreck‘ (2016) out on FM Records

Artist page : facebook.com/inorderofdisappearance
Email + cd orders : orderofdisappearance@gmail.com

Musicians on the track:
Chris Fakiolas – Vocals
Panos Gryllis – Rhythm and Lead guitars
Alex Togias – Rhythm and Lead guitars
George Andrikopoulos – Violin
Elias Monachos – Harmonica

Sound engineering by David Prudent .Recorded in MIH studios

“Its the day that i say lets walk away
and get the fuck out from all of this
You know i hardly can wait
to drive the boredom away, and this day we can not miss
and lord i know ,your melting the red sun with just a kiss

Sleeping the day and living the night
smoking the dark and drinking the light
I cant wait for this…
Breathing your perfume, one hundred degrees
touching your skin and soaking your lips
I cant wait for this
Stealing your love ,lets fly on your wings
weaving blonde hair, in leather and jeans
I cant wait for this
And i know, your melting the red sun with just one kiss

Maybe angels had a say
to make you stand in my way
and make me keep away from all of my sins
There s no true perfect way, i found out the hardest way
and now i am ready babe, i learned to forgive

And i know, your melting the red sun with just one kiss…”