Mechanimal, post-industrial rockers, released brand new video for ‘Thistlemilk‘ on 1st June. The band is considered among the best and most talented ones in the Greek alternative scene. Having released 8 pieces of their work so far, they are put in the front line of Inner Ear Records. Introducing their new (though veteran) vocalist, Eleni “Etten” Tzavara (ex-Film), they released ‘Delta Pi Delta‘ in January 2016, and made the alternative underground press write a lot of flattering reviews for their music and the fit-to-match choice of Eleni Tzavara as vocalist.

Mechanimal are loud and melodic, an alloy of industrial items with post-rock guitar work and a veteran vocalist, the newcomer in the band, who seeds a character over the vocal arrangement. ‘Thistlemilk‘ is a pretty melodic song that proposes ethereal poppy vocals, but it is only a rudiment out of Mechanimal’s universe.

Mike Dimitriou