Mary Middlefield‘s EP ‘Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)‘ offers a poignant exploration of love’s complexities, embracing both its highs and lows. The opening track, ‘Sexless‘, bursts forth with infectious indie rock energy reminding us of 90s indie icon Liz Phair, setting the stage for an emotive journey. Middlefield’s vocal prowess shines on ‘Atlantis‘, accompanied by anthemic crescendos that elevate the emotional intensity. ‘Hearts Of Desire‘ showcases Middlefield’s lyrical prowess, weaving heartfelt narratives with captivating melodies. In ‘Love me, Love me not?‘, Middlefield bravely confronts themes of abusive relationships, inviting introspection. ‘Young and Dumb‘ channels nostalgic 90s indie rock vibes, while ‘Last Letter‘ delivers a poignant acoustic ballad, evoking raw vulnerability. Patient listeners are rewarded with hidden depths, such as in the title track ‘Poetry‘, which closes the EP with crystalline vocals and intricate textures. Throughout the record, Middlefield skillfully balances anthemic crescendos with intimate introspection, creating a compelling sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity.

Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)‘ stands as a testament to Middlefield’s artistry, capturing the essence of human emotion with depth and sincerity, and genuinely balancing lyricism with formidable indie rock bangers. It’s an EP that speaks directly to the heart, offering solace and understanding to those navigating the complexities of love and loss.

Christos Doukakis