Influential instrumentalist Martin Rev is set to release a new album entitled ‘Demolition 9‘. Rev, co-founder of the pioneering duo Suicide, has released a number of solo albums, with his sound and genre varying each release; if our first glimpses from the 34-song LP ‘Now’ and ‘In Our Name‘ are anything to wager against we’ll see an opus unlike anything we’ve heard before.

A “yearning for joy and the unattainable perfection of the artistic ideal” is how Rev explains the album, the followup to 2009’s ‘Stigmata‘. Whilst his band Suicide’s last gig was in July of 2015 at London’s Barbican Centre where both Rev and late Alan Vega performed solo sets before headlining a performance as a duo, with artists such as Henry Rollins and Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) making appearances. Alan Vega died last summer at the age of 78, marking the end of Suicide. You can check out ‘Now’ and ‘In Our Name‘ and the album artwork below. ‘Demolition 9 is out on May 26th via Atlas Réalisations.


Sarah Medeiros