The printed musical fanzine Lung arrives as a result of the partnership of people with common but also different recruiting, influences and endowments. The reason for a group of personalities coordinated to create a single “voice”, which will, however, emphasize the different idiosyncrasies and at the same time provide a coherent result. A clear goal is none other than to suggest remarkable works of art, mainly audio, but not only, which need attention and response. Our enthusiasm combined with analytical look and methodology are the ingredients we hope will lead us to the coveted goal.

At a time when only a small part of the rapid diffusion of information can be exploited, the actors of this form seek to note and comment mostly on moments of music that in our opinion have a strong raison d’être. Through this exercise, we aspire to meet out there and others who will identify with those with whom we engage points to stand and interact with us. Especially in times that do not favor emotional binding with any natural sound format, let alone something printed on paper. Therefore, it is a concern for us to shape a community around the Lung, which will consist of people active, reflexive and thirsty for the exploration of sound territories.

For this first issue of our fanzine, for December 2018, we chose to include artists and shapes in matter from many and diverse genres of music and style that either acted in a critical way past or gave their mark on present, looking at the future at the same time. From Josh T. Pearson, Tropical Fuck Storm and Daughters, to GoGo Penguin, Arab Strap and Gnod. Apart from the themes of specific names, you will find a great tribute to the post-punk revival of the ’10s, as well as a concise review of the most important psychedelic albums from the domestic crop of the current decade.

Lung will be released every two months and will be distributed from selected locations (record stores etc) throughout Greece. In addition, there will be various events that will act as a pole to meet those / those with whom we share or exchange ideas and visions.

Official site: https://www.lungfanzine.gr/