Somewhere in the enigmatic ether where the ooze that resides between the likes of Lustmord, SPK, and Coil, there dwells the LA-based act, Hasufel. Shrouded in a cloak of mystery, project leader Helmut warps ice-cold dark ambient and squelching synth-driven cold wave with a chaotic strand of noisy nü-neo folk on new release, Lord Of Carrion. The output, which has spent five years coming to fruition in an abyssal nook, comes crawling out as a filthy, sprawling beast already full grown with wild, twisted limbs and a horned head, itself nodding ever so slightly to the more obscure side of black metal. Dynamic, strange, and dense; Hasufel has a specific intent to coat the listener with a stench of melancholy while creeping them out with a fantastic, obscene blackened magick. Not casual listening, the sound herein will be satisfactory to a selective guild, but will ultimately draw a cult-like following of heathens with a glean in their eye to match their daggers. The new release will speak to them with messages of decay… pestilence… nightmare… and ultimate doom. Do not listen casually, listen with a desire to lay flayed open and pray to whatever deity you cry out to when the night blanks out the stars.