Swedish indie darling, Emil Svanängen, better known by his pseudonym Loney Dear, has returned after a six year hiatus with the single ‘Sum’. Off of his upcoming self titled LP, Svanängen has described the next assortment of fresh music as being a bit like “being out on the ocean swimming without anything to hold on to and now [I’ve] reached the beach.” Adding, “There have been terrible situations, I have found dark paths inside, I have learned about myself, I have discovered music, my artistry, my pros and cons. I must learn how to live without wanting to give up.

You can check out the synth-heavy ‘Sum’ below, along with the tracklist for ‘Loney Dear’ – to be released via Peter Gabriel’s Real World label September 29th.

Loney Dear’ Tracklist:
1. Pun
2. Humbug
3. Hulls
4. Sum
5. Lilies
6. Little Jacket
7. Isn’t It You
8. Dark Light
9. Harbours / Harbors
10. There Are Several Alberts Here

Sarah Medeiros