Start Together, a four-piece band from Meanjin (Brisbane), made their comeback after a couple of years with the release of their first single, Separate Beds. This track showcases a captivating amalgamation of their influences, resulting in an addictive and fresh sound; Drawing inspiration from genre pioneers such as Sonic Youth, The Cure, and New Order, Start Together delivers a jangle-y, garage-infused post-punk anthem with an exhilarating shoegaze climax that you won’t want to miss. Brace yourself for excellent guitar-driven melodies, a bassline reminiscent of New Order’s signature style, and a contradictory blend of emotions that balances uplifting optimism.

At times, it feels like an early 2000s jam session between The Strokes and New Order until Sonic Youth break in!

‘…Eyes, mind, sights, blood

(Creates an unshakable cynicism)

Taste, smell, thought, touch

(Wills me ta keep my heart empty)’