Covering one of Depeche Mode’s most iconic tracks, especially Enjoy the Silence, is a daunting challenge. However, SOM has managed to achieve it with absolute success. What sets their cover apart is their unique approach, transforming this masterpiece into a post-metal treat infused with elements of shoegaze. It’s this intriguing fusion that truly defines the success of their rendition, breathing new life into a beloved classic while adding their own distinctive touch to the song.

It was daunting to take this song on because it really does have a life of its own outside of Depeche Mode. So we worked pretty hard to find a delicate balance of homage, but we also really wanted to ‘own it’ and infuse as much weight and density as possible. Working on the arrangement felt like a lesson in how to write a great song, and it was a special feeling to get to really live inside of this piece of music for a while.” SOM