RIP Dunes introduces their debut album with the compelling single I Dare, a testament to Matthew Iwanusa’s innovative sonic exploration. The track unfolds with mysterious vocal samples, a product of Iwanusa’s playful experimentation with a sampler. The accompanying music video, crafted by Haoyan of America, adds a layer of dystopian visual abstraction to the unnerving yet alluring soundscape. I Dare stands as a daring invitation into RIP Dunes’ distinctive universe, where unconventional elements blend seamlessly to create an avant-pop experience. As the latest offering from this indie project, I Dare hints at a musical venture that challenges norms and promises a captivating sonic journey.

We decided to go off of a little Grand Theft Auto feel for this while keeping it in AI since it seems the world is going to be only AI one day.” says Iwanusa about the video. “You’ll see some familiar faces like T-1000 from Terminator 2, Hatsune Miku, Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog, Some random GTA players, NPC’s from other zombie and post apocalypse games. I think it turned out pretty great.” RIP Dunes