Paris Paloma’s yeti is a powerful indie folk ballad that resonates with heartfelt emotion. With tender vocals and soul-stirring lyricism, Paloma weaves a captivating tale that leaves a lasting impact. yeti exudes a sense of mystique and intrigue, drawing listeners into its enchanting narrative. The song’s acoustic melodies, accompanied by rich harmonies and intricate instrumentation, create a lush sonic landscape that evokes both intimacy and grandeur. Paloma’s evocative storytelling and impassioned delivery make this an unforgettable journey through the depths of indie folk. It’s a testament to Paloma’s artistry and a testament to the enduring power of emotive music.

“‘yeti’ is about the quiet, healing realization that comes with giving oneself closure after a relationship; when you’ve moved through a period of intense intertwinement – almost obsession – with another, and what feels like the vast chasm of time and space between that passion, and the point of indifference towards them that is reached in the healed-over aftermath. It’s not a spiteful, false indifference, nor a bitter apathy, but a breathing-out of sorts, when those feelings let themselves out quietly in the night, without saying goodbye or marking the day. The gentle accompanying vocals from Ben Cramer of Old Sea Brigade completes the presence of both parties, who share in this realization, so these two people become eerily connected in their acceptance of how far apart they have grown,” elaborates Paris Paloma.