Renowned Italian pianist and composer, Olivia Belli, has just unveiled her exciting announcement for the upcoming album Intermundia, set to grace our ears on February 23rd, and she’s chosen the enchanting single Valadier as the harbinger of this musical revelation. Olivia, hailing from Italy, weaves delicate, melodic compositions that find inspiration in the natural world, infusing her music with a lyrical quality that transcends genre conventions. The accompanying video for Valadier captures Olivia amidst the solitude of the Temple of Valdier, nestled along Italy’s Eastern Coast in Marche. It also features some amazing shots where the shadowy architecture becomes the main character, and it is a striking visual as it is indeed a jewel inside a cave (it once was called “Infra Saxa” meaning “among the stones”). It was completed in 1827, and sits next to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria, which was created in 1029 by Benedictine Monks.

This is a breathtaking audiovisual testament to history and artistry.