In Laura, Mayzie crafts a poignant reflection on the evolution of friendships, drawing inspiration from shoegaze luminaries like the The Sundays, Hatchie, and the Cranberries. The dreamy arrangement, a testament to Mayzie’s emotive singing, evokes warmth reminiscent of cherished connections. Written and performed by Mayzie Wallen, and expertly recorded and produced by Lindsay Gravina, known for his work with Jet, the Living End, Magic Dirt, and Roland S Howard, “Laura” is a musical journey urging listeners to reconnect with loved ones. Mayzie’s reminder resonates— even deserts flourish with a touch of water, and friendships, like Laura, stand the test of time.

This sublime track is a collaboration with shoegaze project in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia Oceans.

Mayzie says “I wrote Laura about a good friend I don’t see as much as I should. I was in the wake of a long-term relationship breakdown. I didn’t really know what to do with myself, I felt so lost. Laura gently picked me up. She put a band-aid on. She checked the band-aid, made sure it was still sticky. I’m so grateful for her, and for all my Lauras