New Age Healers’ latest single, The Spin Out, is a kaleidoscopic dive into the psychedelic depths of shoegaze. The title track from their newly released album is accompanied by a mesmerizing video that uses processed photos to create an entrancing animated illusion. Known for their rich sonic tapestries, NAH have solidified their place in Seattle’s underground scene since their 2016 debut. Led by multi-instrumentalist Owen Murphy, the band features seasoned veterans like Jeremy Koepping, Adam LeVasseur, Allen Murray, and Farkhad Saidmuratov. The Spin Out showcases their ability to blend weird guitar sounds with rock ‘n’ roll and danceable rhythms, drawing a natural progression from influences like the Velvet Underground to My Bloody Valentine.

With their new album out now, New Age Healers continue to push boundaries and create immersive musical experiences.