L.A.-based singer-songwriter Mykel creatively explores the concept of being a designated driver in her latest single, Love DD. The track is a luscious pop/r&b treat that combines lovely vocals with dark soundscapes, creating a compelling sonic atmosphere. It marks a departure for Mykel as the first track where she heavily leans on vocal arrangement. Attentive listeners will notice how much of the production involves versions of Mykel’s voice, including some classically-adjacent flourishes. An absorbing treat with a great outro!

According to Mykel, “This release represents a clean slate for me as an artist both from a sound and image perspective. I spent a lot of time dimming the badass side of myself to chase relatability as an artist and while I’m very proud of all the art that has brought me to this point, I’m done doing that and will be running with a new, clearer vision from here on out. For that reason I’ve started an entirely new Spotify profile, new social handles, and overall am just really leaning into this era as a reintroduction to me as a creator.