Mark Wolf and Khalil team up for a musical rendezvous in It Was OK, Wolf’s sizzling debut that turns up the heat with a fusion of house and r&b. Picture this: Mark tickles the keys of an upbeat piano, sprinkling glimmering melodies over a subtly dynamic bassline, while Khalil dives in with vocals dripping in soulful emotion. It’s a track that effortlessly swings between radio-friendly charm, chill-out vibes, and an invitation to groove on the club floor. Wolf, who made waves in 2021 with Sticky alongside Tank God, is now dancing into the limelight with playful beats and promises of more sonic adventures. Get ready for the ride!

‘It Was OK’ started off as a simple piano part that sounded fun enough to play in a club. It wasn’t until I listened to “Unfazed” by Khalil and sampled his voice that the song came to life and became something I’m excited to share and sing along with. As a debut release, I want this song to set a precedent for my sound- fun, danceable, and full of musicality.” – Mark Wolf.

Mark did an amazing job creating a whole new experience sonically with ‘It Was OK’ it was a pleasure working with him and looking forward to many more in the future.” – Khalil.