German artist M. Byrd, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, has recently unveiled his latest single, Gunslinger. This captivating track draws inspiration from the thought-provoking phenomenon of young individuals joining the armed forces. M. Byrd skillfully combines elements of indie folk and indie rock in a song which showcases his mastery of the guitar, with impeccable melodies and an unforgettable climax that amplifies the emotional impact. Gunslinger is a mesmerizing slow-burner that effortlessly evokes a myriad of sentiments, making it an absolute standout.

One day, I was on the internet, and I stumbled on a pop-up,” M. Byrd recalls. “It said, ‘You can go to a Ukrainian embassy in Berlin and be at war in a few days to fight.’ I had been imagining guys and girls my age signing up, getting a weapon in their hands, and fighting away. It drove me crazy. I couldn’t imagine this was happening.”