LILAMORS, the Swiss collective fronted by Ana Čop, has just dropped their debut album When I Am Dead, My Dearest, and its title track has us completely captivated. This song is an enchanting and majestic concoction, seamlessly blending spoken word, dark experimental electronica, and contemporary music into a mesmerizing auditory experience. The track takes on a cinematic quality, akin to a mind-bending soundtrack from a twisted ’70s giallo film. With its haunting allure and innovative fusion of genres, When I Am Dead, My Dearest sets LILAMORS apart as a boundary-pushing force in the music scene, leaving us eagerly awaiting more from this visionary collective.

When I Am Dead, My Dearest’ bridges gulfs considered unreconcilable between sophistication and simplicity, futurism and tradition, urbanity and rurality, leaving the open question: whether this album is about death after all, or rather about birth, rebirth and the re-imaginability of this world. We don’t know. No-one does. Perhaps all we have are suggestions… – LILAMORS, 2023