Lenka, the multi-talented Australian singer-songwriter, has been on a global music journey for the past fifteen years. Her recent album, Intraspectral, includes standout gems like Ultraviolet. This track features gorgeous vocals, a super catchy sing-along chorus, shimmering synths, and is an enchanting amalgamation of synth and indie pop. Lenka continues to showcase her ability to craft captivating melodies and deliver emotive performances, making Ultraviolet a testament to her enduring talent and musical evolution over the years.

I wrote this song with Julian Hamilton from The Presets and its kind of a bookend to the theme of the album Instraspectral. It’s about not wanting to stay safe and simple, but to expand in life and keep all the colours shining bright. Ultraviolet is actually the colour frequency higher than violet; it sits outside the rainbow. It is not visible to us and can be dangerous, but I kinda like this metaphor for living life.” Lenka