Lauren Calve, a Washington D.C. based musician, stands as a remarkable self-taught singer, songwriter, guitarist, and captivating storyteller. Her latest single, Everything At The Same Time, is a mesmerizing preview of her forthcoming debut album set to release on September 1. This track is an exquisite manifestation of modern americana, driven by Calve’s expressive and well-balanced vocals, gracefully intertwining dynamism with emotion, and seamlessly blending the essence of tradition and modernity. The melody effortlessly flows, and the lyrics carry a profound resonance:

The pairs of opposites constitute the phenomenology of the paradoxical ‘self’, man’s totality”. I always thought of opposites as one thing that was completely different from another thing; however, Jung proposed that opposites were the same thing, like two sides of the same coin. And the pairs of opposites served as an analogy for human complexity, contradiction, and expansiveness. I applied this analogy to my own life in “Everything At The Same Time”: “I am luminous, I am light/I get heavy when the storm clouds ignite/Everything, everything, everything at the same time”. I felt empowered describing myself in such an expansive way; I no longer saw myself as this or that, I was both/and.”