KJ!‘s track Signature comes from the recently dropped 801 Demos album, is a sonic powerhouse. Fusing exceptional rap skills with pulsating house beats, it exudes an unmistakable killer attitude. The track’s freshness is invigorating, injecting a dose of upliftment, while its genre-bending qualities showcase KJ!’s versatility. Signature is a testament to KJ!’s musical prowess, offering a dynamic and boundary-pushing experience that seamlessly blends rap and house elements.

Signature is full of lines like that, jumping topics from my heritage, to the depth and breadth of my skill, to African cats and Big cats, splatter graphs, Hamilton, Space Jam, MJ, the Pistons, food, Liverpool (my favorite soccer club) and so many more, and that collage of references is exactly the kind of art I love to consume.” KJ!