Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter Kayslee Don Collins, formerly known as DON, graces us with an unforgettable vocal performance in her 2023 country pop ballad, Easy to Leave. Her lyrics, including the poignant line, “I’m the change in your pocket, pay no mind till I’m not around,” immediately strike a deep chord. With vocals that could melt iron and a melody that etches itself into your memory, this track is a masterclass in production; It straddles the line between vintage country and modern alt pop, achieving country pop excellence. To complete the experience, the song is complemented by a beautiful music video directed by Connor Ellmann.

This song is about the mistake that many people make, which is revisiting an ex-boyfriend. In this case, it wasn’t only revisiting an ex after a year apart but waking up in your old home and realizing that everything has changed. You’ve changed, he’s changed, and the home you shared isn’t the same.” Kayslee Don Collins