Jas., the Melbourne/Naarm-based artist, graced us with her long-awaited return through the enchanting release titled EASY. This vintage-stylized indie pop gem resonates deeply, beautifully capturing the transformative power of finding that special person to share life’s journey with. With dreamy production by SwimGood, Jas.’ ethereal vocals find their place amidst swirling guitars and captivating drum breaks, evoking the bittersweet sensation of transitioning from one season to the next. EASY is a breezy, super catchy, and easy-going indie anthem, a captivating melody that effortlessly carries you away to a world of blissful musical serenity.

When discussing the inspiration behind the song, Jas. expressed “My EP was filled with introspective lyrics and layered meanings so, for this first release, I really wanted to offer something light-hearted and direct. Relationships aren’t easy, but when the right person comes along, you make time, learn to compromise, communicate, and are open to making sacrifices; It’s surprising how easy and effortless it can be.”