How about the the cosmic vortex of sound with British phenomenon Japanese Television‘s latest sonic escapade, Golden Birds? This mind-bedning single defies genre boundaries, blending elements of space, surf, and psychedelia into a kaleidoscopic symphony. Inspired by kraut-rock, its hypnotic chugging rhythms propel listeners through a sonic odyssey unlike any other. But wait, there’s more! Drummer Kevin Barthelémy crafts a mesmerizing stop-motion visual masterpiece, plunging viewers into a dystopian realm where robots reign supreme, giant avian beings soar, and enigmatic roadside signs beckon with cryptic messages. Altered States loading…

Live Dates:

3th April / Golden Salon – Hamburg

4th April / Urban Spree – Berlin

5th April / Psychedelic Porn Funk -Munich

6th April / SWAMP – Freiburg 

26th April / POWWOW Festival – Darmstadt 

16th May / Voodoo Daddy’s – Norwich 

17th May / The Night Owl – Birmingham 

18th May / Justine’s – Margate