Dead Levee, a four-piece rock band featuring members Tayler “Izzy” Morgan, Ray Klapatiuk, Rylan “Buck” Dusyk, and Preston Laschuk, is known for their no-nonsense, old-school rock sound. Their latest offering, Love & Misery, is a polished arena rock anthem that invites listeners to sing along to its soaring wall of sound. The track encapsulates the essence of a toxic yet passionate relationship with howling, swirling guitars. Get ready for heavy riffs, a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, and a thrilling blend of modern and classic rock influences that define Dead Levee’s captivating musical style.

In the case of this song, it’s about a relationship where the sex outweighs the obvious toxicity. Even though the peers around you can all see how bad it is, they don’t know how good it gets.” Dead Levee